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Installation of the EAInfoport Program

This description of commissioning the EAInfoport system assumes an ideal situation where the following applies:

The most convenient way to install EAInfoport and keep it up to date is to use InfoportLauncher. It is described in detail here. Here we will briefly show its typical use.

  • Download from and save its content (a single file InfoportLauncher.exe) C:\EAInfoport\
  • Run the program using the command InfoportLauncher.exe -version "* * * *"
  • Wait a while for the launcher to download, unpack and install the EAInfoport system
  • If everything goes smoothly, after a while EAInfoport will list that it is running and listening on the URL http://localhost:80
  • Enter this URL in a web browser and you will be already in the EAInfoport environment. You will see the Configuration Manager page, with which you can set the parameters for the operation of the EAInfoport system.
  • The administrator logs in for the first time using the login credentials: 
    • Username: admin
    • Password: P@ssw0rd

We recommend changing your password after the first login!