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Source ftp | file

Switch between automatic and manual download of zip files with updates. If we set ftp, then InfoportLauncher.exe autonomously downloads (via ftp protocol) files and the administrator does not have to worry about anything. The file option is suitable in cases (especially for corporate companies), where there are security rules prohibiting programs from accessing outside their own domain.

In case of manual download of .zip files, it is always necessary to copy these “next to” the InfoportLauncher.exe program (i.e. for example to the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Dataprojekt\Infoport”). Furthermore, the program will perform the update itself. The downloaded zip file must not be renamed or unpacked in any way. It is only advisable to check whether the hash of the downloaded file (zipper) agrees with what is stated on the website from where the file was downloaded. It is possible to use any utility for calculating MD5 hashes for checking (for example, in the Total Commander tool, in the File menu, there is an option Create file with CRC data checking)