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Version "* * * *"

You can use the Version parameter to filter which updates the administrator wants to install. The parameter consists of four parts, major, minor, build, revision. If any details are not important, they are replaced with *

The individual weights of the parameter are:

  • major – usually released once a year/several years. These are major changes and improvements to the system
    minor – usually released once a month/several months. As part of these changes, new functionalities are added and there are also changes in the database structures
    build – they add minor improvements, and above all they fix bugs. They are released weekly
    revision – a technical version that can serve as a hotfix for a problem found with a specific customer

It is best to give examples again to understand the appropriate settings.

  • If you want to agilely install each released version, use "* * * *". This will guarantee that the new version will be installed as soon as it is released.
  • If, on the other hand, you want to approach the updates conservatively, set the parameter to "* * 0 *", which means that the individual builds will not be tightened, but we will wait for the minor version.
  • For corporate customers, it is also advantageous to be able to use this parameter to separate the live environment from the environment intended for testing/adoption of a new version. In that case, for example, in the live installation set "7 3 0 *" (you will fix the previously adopted version) and in the test installation set, for example, "7 4 * *" (thus you will receive all fresh updates)